Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger fell for the maid!!!!!!???

I think many people know exactly what Maria shriver is thinking. Its not just he kept it secret for 13 odd years and paid money to keep the woman quiet. But more of him doing it with a Guatemalan maid, Mildred Patricia Baena.
Maria Shriver must have been furious because this woman was sleeping with her husband right under her nose. Double dipping in the cookie jar because he wasn't satisfied with what he had in Maria.

What she did was worst than Monica Lewinsky  in sleeping with the woman's husband. Monica Lewinsky will forever be known imfamously as the woman who gave ex President Bill Clinton a  b*&%  job and kept the evidence as some sort of trophy. But Miss Baena will be remember as the woman who ended the marriage of a Kennedy.
Peeper Juice over,out and stay away from the maid for christ sakes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

You're fired!!!!!!!

Puff diddy daddy backup rapper(always yells bad boy) just got fired by donald trump err nicki minaj. Apparently she was unhappy about the way puff diddy daddy did his job as her manager(surprised!!). Our peeper minions tell us that both puff diddy daddy and Nicki minaj are not confirming or denying the story. Whatever the case it is too early to celebrate because it was reported she fired him twice before..ouch.

Sarah Palin's daughter busted for speeding and goes bunkers on Facebook

Got off with only a slap on the wrist for speeding over 20 mph above the speed limit in Alaska. But not satisfied, Willow Palin apparently went postal by uttering homophobic slurs against facebook users who talked about her mom's show not being successful. Stay tuned to the peeper and  Click for more from the huffington post.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Osama Bin Laden likes porn?? Ohh no say it isn't so...

According to anonymous officials familiar with the ongoing investigation of Bin Laden's computers he is  indeed one of us. On one hand he criticize America's culture of nudity and the other takes a peek on his computer in between prayers.
Since he had no internet it probably means his courier bought him some dvds to help him exercise. Btw some natural viagra was also found in his Pakistan hideout :).

Married to several wifes,can't get it up and  not very happy...go figure.

Madonna and Lady Gaga related???!!!

According to celebrity genealogist Chris Child, They are ninth cousins once removed. But it seems  they are not happy about....or atleast not really smiling.

Lady Gaga censored!!!!!!

American idol had to cover up Lady Gaga's shoes at a recent event. I wonder why...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Something Borrowed: Kate Middleton Wears The Queen's Cartier 'Halo'�Tiara

Even theRoyals borrow stuff!! Seems pretty soon they'll need some taxpayer provided bailout if they can't afford to work and spend their money wisely. Congrats to the newly weds are in order from across the isle. Cheers and bottle up!!

Something Borrowed: Kate Middleton Wears The Queen's Cartier 'Halo'�Tiara